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About us

Sharabati Denim is our brand of a fully-integrated textile company, producing both finished denim and flat fabrics. Founded by Mohamad Sabbagh Sharabati, the company began its journey in Aleppo Syria in 1978. Currently, the company’s factories are located in Sadat City, Egypt, and Kadirli, Turkey. It was one of the first of its kind in the Middle East to produce both corduroy and denim. The company has successfully expanded to cover all production ranges, from yarn to high-quality finished fabrics.

In 1998, Sharabati Denim extended its production to Egypt and in 2017, Sharabati Denim established new production facilities in Turkey. Mimicking the model established in Syria, the facilities have ever since grown to include complete spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing stages.

These projects include the latest state-of-the-art technologies, allowing for a more versatile and higher quality product. Today, Sharabati Denim employs over 3,000 individuals and produces 80 million running meters of fabric per annum.

Sharabati Denim’s key foreign markets include Europe, Turkey, and North Africa, with sales offices in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.

In 2018, we introduced Tadweer, a brand focused on the recycling of spinning, weaving, and garment waste materials. Tadweer has the capacity to reuse 8,000 tons of waste material annually and produces yarns and non-wovens. Tadweer was designed and built with the mission of creating a healthy and highly-efficient environment. This is our pioneer model as we lead the way to sustainable practices.

Our primary goal is to continue providing our customers with high-quality products that comply with international standards for quality, health, social and environmental. We strive to keep up with the rapidly changing market trends through constant innovation, expedited deliveries, and consistent reliability. We are proud to hold the following certificates:


More than 30 years of experience and success with endless desire to be on top

Service & Quality

Adoption of state-of-the-art technologies

Sharabati Denim is dedicated to complete use of present-day technologies in all levels of production: spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing.


Commodity Traffic Services

Customers who purchase from Sharabati Denim Egypt, are issued a Movement Certificate i.e. Euro-Med, EUR.1, Form A and an Arab League Certificate of Origin to export our fabric (and later joined garment) and are therefore exempted from customs duties. We also offer quick delivery to our customers; one week to Europe and North Africa, three days to Turkey and one day to Free Zone companies located in Egypt.

Quality Assurance

Since 1978 the structure of Sharabati Denim was initially established to ensure sustainability in quality and services; our company is a family-owned business with a persuading working atmosphere. One of the main strengths of our company is a strong team with versatile generations, ranging from motivated young employees to experienced professionals with accumulated know-how in the textile field.

Strategic Location

Sharabati Denim is headquartered in the industrial hub of Egypt, with an extensive variety of targeted markets locally and internationally as well as a significant portion of output sold to free zone companies. Our sales stations are widely distributed in three countries; Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. In addition, our critical location allows us to utilize raw cotton from the most renowned sources; African, Greek and American cotton.

About Sharbati Denim

Sharabati Denim is the brand of our fully integrated textile company producing both finished denim and flat fabrics.

Sharabati Denim’s main foreign markets include Europe, Turkey and North Africa, with sales offices in Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia.

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