• Sharabati Denim is one of the regions major integrated and ecofriendly denim and flat fabric manufacturers. Our primary focus is to be a reliable partner to the fashion-brands and producers we work with, by providing inspirational, durable, sustainably-made collections for our customer’s styles and end-consumer preferences.

  • Within our immense integrated production line, we innovate for sustainable solutions at every step – spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing, as well as recycling processes.

  • Keeping up with the fashion industry’s requirements for raw fabric in denim and finished gabardine, and as a major visionary in the textile industry, we are committed to investing in technology, expansion and our community. That is what gives our company value within the denim industry.

Sustainable Fiber

Organic, BCI, CMiA Cotton / Natural Fibers / Post and Pre Consumer Recycled Yarn which is made in our own Recycling Factory

Sustainable Processes

Water saving indigo dyeing and finishing process
Water and Caustic Soda Recycling Plant

Social Responsibility

Multiple initiatives to promote our employees' safety, health and wellbeing, and support their development


Every certificate is an indication that we put human life and nature at the center of what we do