Sharabati Denim is one of the largest integrated textile manufacturers in the Mediterranean region.
Specialising in denim and flat fabrics.

About us

Sharabati Denim was founded in Syria in 1978, investing further in new facilities in Egypt in 1998 and Turkey in 2016, and in 2011, moved its entire production to Egypt and Turkey, closing down its factory in Syria. Sharabati Denim was amongst the first companies to produce denim in the Middle East region. Since its inception, Sharabati Denim has grown rapidly to become a fully integrated textile manufacturer covering the complete production cycle, right from the cotton bale.


million running meters of fabric produced annually

About us


Delivering optimal product and sustainability performance is in Sharabati Denim’s DNA. We continuously innovate to improve our processes and products, taking a rigorous approach to ensuring high, consistent quality. We offer outstanding reliability and flexibility to our customers from start to finish, responding rapidly to evolving customer requirements, and offering efficient, timely delivery.

Customer Service

I owe the company’s success and international presence to our performance infrastructure and dedicated team.

Mohammad Sabbagh Sharabati

We are increasingly partnering with our customers to help improve the environmental impact of their products by consistently delivering responsibly produced fabrics. At Sharabati Denim, we have a longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability and are among the leaders of the sustainability movement in North Africa.

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To maximise the value of the materials we use, conserve natural resources and reduce waste, we have invested in a major new fabric recycling initiative in Egypt.


We undertake multiple initiatives to promote our employees’ safety, health and wellbeing, and support their development.

Company Profile and Sustainability Efforts 2018/2019