Past Perfect is an authentic vintage look inspired by the 80’Simon and 90’Simon. When you wash it down, it takes on an authentic denim look. To achieve this styling the dye needs to be pure Indigo, and when the consumer washes the garment they can see how the colour of the fabric changes over time.

For Past Perfect we’ve included two new Sharabati Denim pure Indigo colours. The first is called ‘Royal’, and the second ‘Rein’. For each of these new colours, no other chemicals are added; only pure Indigo is used. For ‘Royal’, the fabric starts with a dark Indigo dye, and when it’s washed down, the consumer sees some really nice wash effects.

For ‘Rein’, the fabric starts with a somewhat lighter shade, and when washed down, you can achieve a really attractive pure blue.

The inspiration for Past Perfect has come from the past but the denims have been created to last well into the future. At Sharabati Denim we aim to lead the way in encouraging consumers and manufacturers to use the planet’s resources responsibly.

That’s why we aim to ensure that the fabrics we produce won’t simply be worn for a short time and then be discarded, but instead will be preferred, cared for, and ultimately used for many years thanks to their durable appearance and performance.