Clean look denim is back, with designers creating more formalised smart-casual garments, and it’s something of a mini-revolution. Over the years the style-conscious have become used to denims having a worn-out look – the kinds of faded, distressed colours that are produced with a heavy wash. By contrast, these Sharabati fabrics couldn’t be more different, because with a minimum wash the process is so much shorter and gentler, delivering a collection of smarter-looking denims.

Our yarns are originally dyed in Indigo blue or in other selected colours, and for the Refined Edit the denims and gabardines remain raw and are not washed down. This means that the fabrics retain a cleaner, smarter look. Some are made with reactive dyes which maintain the dark color, wash-after-wash, for up to two to three years.
We are also producing some coated denims which achieve an appealing leather-feel to those fabrics.

Apart from their enduring elegant look, there is an important sustainability aspect to the Refined Edit that results from the lighter, gentler wash, because less energy and water need to be used. In addition, for those fabrics made with reactive dyes the consumer can wear the garment for much longer before needing to buy a replacement item.