We have been through a period of heavy consumerism, with a stack of clothes only worn a handful of times, collecting dust in our closets.

Our disasters – natural and man-made – crises that are closely related to our health, have shown us that such a lifestyle is not sustainable, neither for us nor the planet.

The importance of more mindful shopping, using what we buy for multiple seasons, and transferring or recycling products to different users when we no longer have use for them is increasing day by day.

We also wanted to underline once again how important these concepts are under the heading of Waste Not. Our other concept pieces in this collection reflect conscious consumption, everlasting outfits, and performance fabrics. This concept adds recycled and natural fibers to complete the eco-friendly loop of the AW22-23 collection.

We have added Post-Consumer Recycled Cotton and Polyester to the Pre-Consumer Recycled Cotton yarns produced at our own recycling plant, Tadweer.

All our fabrics where we can use recycled fibers up to 40% are GRS certified.

Our new target is to use 5% post-consumer recycled cotton yarn in all our fabrics, mirroring our move of implementing our water-saving indigo dyeing process Sahara and denim finish process Oasis, to all production since 2020.