CIAO Milan!

A collaboration between Denim PV, Elleti, Sharabati and Nearchimica brings a unique, once-in-a-lifetime event to Superstudio Più in Milan on 5&6 June. On display is the complete collection of the M.O.D.E. Museum, containing some of the rarest and most precious denim garments in the world.

Sharabati Sales & Marketing Director Alessandro Moretti Ciacci is one of the panelists for the discussion about the latest in the world of denim. This event takes place on 5th June at 4.30 and is moderated by Cheryll Mühlen, Editor-in-Chief /J’N’C&TM TextilMitteilungen.

There are plenty of new additions for F/W 25-26: new shades, textures and looks as well as our expanded flat fabric collection. Old favorites are back, however, including our luxury Dream Of Nile range, where denim defies the imagination, not to mention our modern icons Loomers, the artisan selvedge fabric for authentic denim lovers.