We harness the latest technology and best practices to ensure flexibility, high levels of accuracy and quality at every level of production: spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and continuously optimize our processes.


Our product range covers a wide variety of spun cotton and blended products (100% cotton and core spun, compact, combed, carded, slub, twisted and dual-core yarn) and counts ranges (from 6.5 to 40 Ne). Our production capacity is more than 100 tonnes of ring yarn per day and 20 tonnes of open-end yarn per day.


Our weaving looms assure a production capacity of 80 million linear meters per year of different fabrics. Thanks to diverse technologies (such as Rapier – Projectile – Air Jet – Shuttle), our machinery can weave a wide range of fabrics.

Dyeing and finishing

For denim production, we use rope and slasher dyeing ranges for indigo dyeing. We can apply multiple dyeing processes. We can also obtain light, medium and dark shades of colored denim. Similarly, we can produce flat fabrics in a variety of different ways, and we finish our fabrics using techniques such as pre-shrinking, mercerizing, coating, overdye and tumbling. Our lines are equipped to handle special finishing requests such as waterproof, fireproof and wrinkle-free.

Quality control

Our production ensures high quality and environmental sustainability in our services. From fiber to finished fabric, our expert laboratories ensure that international quality standards are met at every stage of production. We use world-leading fiber quality control technologies in our spinning mills and globally approved methods of testing fibers and fabrics.

Research and development

Our R&D team leverages consumer needs, key trends and advanced technological innovation in fiber and fabrics to drive our fabric development. This involves attending international apparel fairs and meeting with leading fashion brands to keep pace with evolving style trends and develop joint projects. Our collections are designed twice a year and showcased worldwide.

Our factories in Egypt host the Sharabati Denim Innovation Lab. Through this platform, we create incubators for future product development collaborations with leading denim brands. Working with experienced washing experts in Italy, we develop wash concepts that reflect our customers’ overall desired look and feel for the upcoming season. All our samples and collections are made locally in our Innovation Lab.