High quality raw materials

Sourcing high quality raw materials is a vital first step to assuring a high level of quality in our final products. Our strategic location allows us to source high quality raw cotton from Africa, Greece and the United States.

In particular, we have achieved the Egyptian Cotton Trade Mark Certification, which enables us to produce superior fabrics made of 100% Egyptian cottonthe highest quality cotton in the world. Products made from Egyptian Cotton™ are known to be softer, finer and more durable than any other cotton products worldwide.

A wide range of fabrics

In 2018, our production was divided 60% denim and 40% flat fabric. Our fabric weights range from 3.5 oz./y² to 14.5 oz./y².

Denim Fabrics

Rigid and comfort stretch, medium and heavy weights, with natural finishes. All to serve an authentic and natural denim fabric that is modest but aesthetic; a fabric essential for comfort. This concept is for the lover of the experience of denim – true denim that is.

Gender freedom is at the core of the Uniflex concept. Stretch and super stretch are functions of both male and female designs. Features of this collection are medium and light weight fabrics with various shades of indigo and overdye.

Special textures and unique constructions are blended with street style designs.
Knit look fabrics, stripes and checks are a perfect representation of how denim can be combined with sportswear.

It’s all in the name. A collection of sophisticated fabrics for supreme craftsmanship and cutting edge-design. The fabrics in this concept are light and soft, with unique textures for bespoke style.

Softer, finer and longer-lasting than any other fabric in the world, the Dream of Nile derives from Giza 86 cotton, a fruit of the earth unique to a small region in the Nile Delta. The Dream of Nile is a sub-concept of the premier Tailormade collection.

Flat Fabrics

Fabrics with a denim look that are ideal for sportswear with distinct yarn

Fabrics for people who cannot give up sportswear but would like a twist of
style as well.

Fabrics with exclusive yarns and finishes that cater to luxury wear thanks to their
looks and technical features.