Social Responsibility

We undertake multiple initiatives to promote our employees’ safety, health and wellbeing, and support their development. This includes providing training, accommodation for workers and a variety of on-site services.

Employee Training

We are committed to providing our employees with the highest standards of training in multiple fields, in order to help them stay up to date with the latest spinning, weaving and dyeing/finishing knowledge, and further promote their language and computer skills.

Promoting Employee Well-being

We have created high-quality accommodation for families, couples, and singles, offering affordable payment plans over the long term. Additionally, residents have access to multiple services, including a three-story shopping mall, enabling them to adopt a low carbon emission, sustainable lifestyle by purchasing fresh food and drink without traveling long distances by car.

Workplace Health, Wellbeing and Safety

Our mills are equipped with advanced systems for air filtration and conditioning. These systems serve a dual function in terms of guaranteeing a clean and healthy working environment for the workforce in addition to improving the performance of the machines and therefore the quality of the product.

Our head office employees and factory workers in Egypt enjoy free, nutritious meals prepared on-site daily from a variety of locally purchased fresh ingredients. The menus include a variety of recipes to promote healthy diets. Our central kitchen and bakery distribute meals to our factory canteens in Egypt on a daily basis. All meals are prepared in accordance with international hygiene rules.

Our medical offices provide first-aid and pharmacy services to our employees at every production site. Our employees in Egypt also have access to a subsidized, fully functional, on-site gym in order to exercise on site.

Promoting Textile Education

We partner with higher local educational institutions specialized in textile education. This cooperation includes welcoming students to visit our factories and discover our running machines. We also offer in-mill internships for university students specializing in textiles. Additionally, we provide key institutions with educational tools. For example, we have donated a loom to the University of Menoufia in order to establish a new textile department.

Sharing Safety Best Practice

We offer free training for neighboring factories in work safety standards. In 2016, 95 workers benefited from this activity, in cooperation with local and national authorities and the International Labour Organization.

Supporting Our Employees' Families

We support our employees’ families in many ways, including through providing seasonal food baskets, subsidized home internet plans, subsidized subscriptions to fitness clubs, and high school and university scholarships for employees’ children. Finally, we also offer subsidized summer vacation cottages.