To maximize the value of the materials we use, conserve natural resources and reduce waste, we have invested in a major new fabric recycling initiative in Egypt. Our strategic business unit, Tadweer, established in 2018, is among the first of its kind in the region. Here, we will recycle fabric and cotton waste generated through the spinning, weaving, finishing and sampling processes, as well as end-of-life garments, closing the loop on fabric waste. Our state-of-the-art recycling plant has the capacity to recycle 8,000 tonnes of waste material annually to produce yarns and non-wovens.

Vertically integrated production

Our TADWEER facility will be vertically integrated into our production lines, providing Sharabati Denim with an ongoing supply of recycled fibres for our fabrics, and allowing us to create our own raw materials from waste.

Closing the loop

Sharabati Denim will direct all waste from our spinning, weaving, finishing and sampling processes to TADWEER, closing the loop on our own production process.

Quality without compromise

Our pioneering closed loop initiative will further support our goal to provide customers with high quality products that comply with international standards for quality and sustainability. We can adapt the recycling process to produce diverse types of raw materials, depending on our customers’ fabric requirements, continuing to deliver on our commitment to be a reliable and flexible partner.

Sustainable knowledge transfer

Building on our 40 years’ experience in continuous innovation for quality and sustainability, we will leverage the knowledge we develop through TADWEER to promote further circular and sustainable practices across our business.